Future of Sustainable Event Management

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Major events can have a large impact on the environment, such as waste generated by plastic utensils and the extensive use of electricity to power stages, lights and speakers causes harm to environment.

But not all large events have to result in a detrimental effect on the environment. There’s a process called sustainable event management through which we can work without causing any harm to the environment.

Sustainable event management is a collection of tools, processes and procedures that event organizers and operators use to make events greener. This can include a film festival offering free shuttle service and bike parking to reduce the number of car commuters and their resulting CO2 emissions, or a food festival serving items in biodegradable containers. Depending on the size, scope and nature of the event itself, event organizers can use many methods to lessen their impact on the environment.

sustainable event management, according to the Event Manager blog, are decreased risk to brand image, ability to attract new staff members, ability to improve long-term success, and deeper connection with attendees and the larger neighbourhood where the event is being held. Attendees and partners may be more willing to work with an event or organizers that prioritize sustainability versus those who do not provide a helpful list of principles that organizers can follow when planning and executing their sustainable events in a planned and systematic manner for the event. When choosing to make an event sustainable, organizers need to carefully consider which environmental and green areas or goals they wish to pursue.

In 2021 sustainable event management is really important anything which harms the environment do not work for long. We need to find ways where we can work eco-friendly.

For any event there are few things that you can remember to make it a sustainable event

If you have to choose a venue set up carpools or shuttle buses so that you can transport more people at once or else if the distance from the venue is walking, then avoid using vehicle and walk by the distance.

Send invitations via email or through any other social media — rather than sending paper invitations or tickets. Use an event app to communicate essential info about the event.

At the event, don’t hand out plastic water bottles and plastic wrapped items to participants. Instead, place glasses and water pitchers in the meeting space.

Due to Covid outbreak nowadays all the event is virtual that’s the best possible method to go green. Virtual meetings are a great alternative for people who aren’t in the same place at the same time. Virtual events can be a great option for meeting and event planners dealing with shrinking budgets for their event. In fact, virtual events are about 70% less expensive than physical events, as planners typically save money on staff, venue, setup and takedown, accommodations, meals, travel costs, and more which in turns out to be more beneficial for the environment and will lead to sustainable event management.

As society becomes more aware of growing environmental concerns, the need for sustainable events will only increase day to day and as technology continues to evolve, this will generate more opportunities for event organizers to make their events sustainable. The modern professional who understands sustainable event management and possesses the necessary skill set to make events sustainable will be able to succeed as this industry grows.

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