Is online education the future of education?

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The E-learning program is one of the fastest-growing learning platforms. They are all online platform where number of students join and study over there. Soon this will be the fastest-growing online network for the future of education.

The concept of traditional education has changed drastically due to pandemic and took a turn towards online education and drastically changing the needs of the people as it is more comfortable and held to be more easy for students as well as teachers. Being physically present in a classroom isn’t necessary anymore with the rise of the internet and new technologies, you can have access to a quality education whenever and wherever you want, as long as you have access to a computer, mobiles, laptop or any such gadget. We are now entering a new era — the revolution of online education. It’s really hard to understand the notion of leaving behind the conventional classroom, especially if it’s to face this vast space called The Internet. 

We all want to spend money in its best place which is profitable for us ELearning is one of the best source to invest your money when we can get quality education on our doorsteps, then why one will prefer an offline course.

In an offline class generally there are more students whereas most of the online classes are given alone. Depending on the course, teachers are available for each student on their time and this also helps them to interact directly with the teacher. Solo classes are also good because a teacher can easily focus on a child.

As like any other technology everything has its own pros and cons as like online education is beneficial for some people at the same time it has its own consequences. Some students need to be shown exactly how to do something via demonstration physically which may be challenging through a screen in some cases. Being on the screen for long hours damages the children eyes or reduces the brightness. In school there was social interaction among students, they used to play together, eat together, learn new habits together. Building a strong sense of community can add to a students’ desire to learn and grow as a person. It is difficult to know how an online learning community would promote these types of connections

Some students don’t have the access to computer, laptop, mobile phones or Wi-Fi at their place and finds E Learning costly.

The E-Learning methods currently practiced in education tend to make participating students undergo remoteness and lack of interaction. As a result, many of the students and teachers who inevitably spend much of their time online can start experiencing signs of social isolation, due to the lack of human communication in their lives. Social isolation coupled with a lack of communication often leads to several mental health issues such as heightened stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

One of the biggest drawback of ELearning is that students can cheat easily. Students cannot be directly observed while giving their assessments online as compared to in school learning. Sometimes, without a proper identity verification system in place, students taking online assessments might be able to let a third party take the assessment instead of themselves, resulting in a wholly fraudulent test result.

So it is necessary to see that is online education will be used completely in future! or else after the pandemic gets over things will be back to normal in school.  While this could change in the future, we are currently not to point where we can fully teach all professions solely through E-Learning.

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