We are reaching out to invite all the women icons to nominate themselves for the most Illustrious honor of the Woman Pride Awards 2023. We took the initiative to recognize the influential women amongst the masses and honor them for their contributions to the community.

Women’s awards are important because they recognize and celebrate the achievements, contributions, and successes of women in various fields and industries. These awards provide a platform for women to be heard and seen, to inspire others, and to create positive change. Additionally, these awards help break down gender stereotypes and promote the empowerment of women in society, which in turn benefits the economy, the environment, and social justice overall.

To nominate for the awards you need to do the following:

⚡1. Fill out the *Nomination Form:* https://forms.gle/68JR5HwgPK7ZPhJM6
Or Send us your profile explaining your work and any past achievements on Whatsapp in the given format.

⚡2. All profiles will be sent to the respected Management Members and if selected then the confirmation email will be sent to you.

⚡3. After receiving the selection email, Registration fees will be applicable to all the selected nominees, which is 4,838/- (Now)

⚡4. After selection and payment of registration fees, We will share your *award announcement poster* and other creatives, and access to the *grand virtual event* will be premiered.

⚡5. All Top Woman Pride Awards 2023 winner names will be published in Daily Hunt and 15+ News Portals.

*Why You Should Nominate?*

*Recognition*: The woman Pride Award will recognize the achievements and contributions of women in various fields. It helps in acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and talent of women who are often underrepresented.

*Inspiration*: The woman Pride Award inspires and encourages women to pursue their goals and dreams. The acknowledgment of their accomplishments can encourage them to keep working hard and breaking barriers.

*Visibility*: The woman Pride Award brings visibility to women’s achievements, making their work and accomplishments more accessible to others. It can motivate the next generation of women and inspire them to follow in the footsteps of these role models.

*Equality*: The woman Pride Award promotes gender equality by highlighting women’s contributions and advocating for their involvement in all areas of work and society.

*Networking*: The woman Pride Award provides an opportunity for women to connect with other successful women in their field. It can lead to fruitful collaborations and mentorship opportunities, furthering their career and personal growth.

Nominations to the Women of Substance Network & Awards 2023 are open to all women working in various sectors such as Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Tourism, Real Estate, Architecture, Engineering, Fashion, Arts, IT, Media, Entertainment, FMCG, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Firms, NGOs, Magazines, Portals, Consultancy, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, etc.

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